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Custom properties in webscript

Question asked by cloisel on Apr 27, 2010
Latest reply on Apr 27, 2010 by invictus9
Hi everyone,

I think this question may have been asked (didn't find it..) but I'm trying anyway:

I'm creating a webscript to retrieve a custom property from a content.
If I display all the properties of this content, I can see the custom property value (code2). Also, in the wizard, I'm able to see this custom property.
But if I try to access to this particular custom property, it says it's not defined (code1).
And I'm not updating or creating or anything on this content, just property retrieval.

This is the javascript code1:

if (["bxcm:HostID"])
   hostID =["bxcm:HostID"];
   hostID = "none";

And the javascript code2:

for each (n in
   tabContact += n+"<br/>";

Any ideas?
Or could you point me to the relevant topic if existing?

Thanks in advance.