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Alfresco Share - Advanced Search requirements

Question asked by systec on Apr 28, 2010
Latest reply on Jun 29, 2010 by loftux
After implementing our own Advanced Search functionality within Alfresco Share, i thought i'd share some of the requirements our business users raised. Hopefully some of these may be considered in the Alfresco Share Advanced Search feature earmarked for Q4 2010 release. A document containing a some of our screenshots is available here -

The following points were noted -
    - The ability to search across a range of dates for all date type fields in the content model.
    - The ability to search against a particluar type and the ability to to include or exclude sub-types.
    - Custom properties only to be displayed for a selected type.
    - The abilty to search against a particluar aspect.
    - Custom properties only to be displayed for a selected aspect.
    - The ability to search for properties that have not been completed i.e null.
    - Implementation of autocomplete controls to assist in the tagging and searching of all documents.
    - Search results to display all custom metadata for a document. (A similar requirement for the document library detailed view).