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Share Point SPP and SSL Library

Question asked by tschaefer on May 19, 2012
Latest reply on Jun 8, 2012 by marcolalla
In Alfresco Share, I have carried out configurations to allow Online Edit (SPP).

I believe that port 7070 of SPP has nothing to do with e.g. the port 443 which uses Apache for SSL in connection with Alfresco-Tomcat port 8009 ajp worker.

When i want to Online Edit, Word seemingly tries to open the document which is stored in Alfresco Repository.
But I have an error message in word:
"Zertifikatsfehler: Interner Fehler in der Anwendung beim Laden der SSL Bibliotheken"

What can I do? Can someone help me, and give me the solution or at least a hint, if the reason is in Windows/Word (Updaten, Configuration, Registry), in my Alfresco Configuration (XML- files, …. and so on) or on Apache SSL Engine configuration.

Thank for your help in advance!

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