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Alfresco WebDav Issues - Mac OSX

Question asked by billengle on Apr 28, 2010
Latest reply on Apr 29, 2010 by janv
Here are the issues my organization is facing when interacting with Alfresco WebDAV in Mac Finder.  All issues have been reproduced with the admin account.

1. Error 'The operation can’t be completed because the item “blah blah.pdf” is in use'.  This occurs when performing a Drag and drop import PDFs, XLS, DOC. There is no log file entry and the file is saved.  This same error occurs when trying to delete a file yet the file does not delete.

2. Also, no one can modify a file with WebDav.  Everyone receives the error "The document “blah blah” could not be saved." when the file is saved.

3. WebDav must be accessed via IP otherwise Create Folder does not work.  The error "An unexpected error occurred (error code -43)" occurs when creating a folder and accessing the repository with the domain/hostname over WebDav.

Has anyone experienced these issues and if so what was the resolution?  We are not interested in using a third party web dav client when Mac OSX Finder has Web DAV capabilities.