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Way to speedup shutdown?

Question asked by mmarre on May 21, 2012
Latest reply on May 21, 2012 by mmarre
Hi all,

I started to test alfresco since one of my customer plan to use it.
The target is to use alfresco on a single PC for document archiving and the server is NOT running 24/7 but booted if needed (one man company).

Since the shutdown of alfresco takes up to some minutes on a six core system with SSD I have following question:

Is it secure to shutdown a system with running alfresco server without executing /etc/init.d/alfresco stop if there is no user logged in? If yes, I would prefer to terminate all connections with a script before the system is going down instead of executing the alfresco stop procedure.

Yes, I know that alfresco is not designed to run on a desktop system. But my customer make the rules ;)