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search.findNode() performance issue

Question asked by andrepra on Apr 29, 2010
Latest reply on May 4, 2010 by andrepra
Alfresco 3.0 with about 1M documents. Windows Server 2003 4Gb, Tomcat 5.5 with 1Gb, MySQL 5.0. Few cuncurrent users (3-6). Documents and spaces are well structured (i mean not to may node at the same level)
Using Alfresco interface the performance are quite good. Also using the node browser performance are pretty good.
I have a web scripts that need to load some nodes using the uuid. This call take 3-4 seconds for a non cached node. Sometimes i need to load 200 nodes and the time to wait is too high. After the first access performance become quite good (0,2s) . 
Exists a faster method in a web scripts to load a node giving the uuid?