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Reference folder inside Web Project

Question asked by frm85 on May 21, 2012
Latest reply on May 21, 2012 by frm85
Hi all,

I'm new in Alfresco (3.4.d) and i'm trying to connect a java application though web services.

Company_home > wcm (Web projects) > myWebProject > myFolderInsideProject

My problem is that i can't get the reference of folder inside "myWebProject". I did a lucene search, it works:

Query query = new Query("lucene","PATH:\"/www/avm_webapps/ROOT/noticia\"");

But when i try to do this with the method ParentReference to create a content, doesn't work:

Store storeRef = new Store("avm", "myWebProject");
   ParentReference companyHomeParent = new ParentReference(storeRef, null, "/www/avm_webapps/ROOT/myFolderInsideProject", Constants.ASSOC_CONTAINS,null);

Thanks for all.