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Upgrade to 3.3: DB Problem

Question asked by sb1017 on Apr 29, 2010
Latest reply on Apr 30, 2010 by sb1017
Hi everyone,
this is my first upgrade since 3.2 and I don't understand the following step in the "Generell Upgrade Process":
Step 6 of Generall Restore Process saya:
"Restore the backup taken in step 2 into the new repository (not the existing one), as described at Restore procedure. "
Restore step 5 says: "Restore the database from the database backups. "
what does this mean? The Alfresco 3.2 DB has 78 tables and 3.3 has 88 tables so when I dumped the 3.2 DB and used it with 3.3 there have been several errors during the "boot"-process (tables missing…). Further I tried to copy (with inserts) the content of the 3.2 DB into the 3.3 DB with phpmyadmin and mysqldumper. This neither was successful. :-(

So how is the write way to "restore the database from the database backups" in order to get v3.3 running?

Thanks for your help