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I can't start JavaScript debugger

Question asked by lista on Apr 29, 2010
Latest reply on Apr 29, 2010 by lista
Hi all,

as the subject sais, I can't start the debugger.
I don't get any kind of error message either, the debugging window simply doesn't show up. I'm not on JDK 1.6 either, and am using 3.2r2.

Now comes the interesting part: When I run a .js, some simple script that gets shipped with Alfresco, it gets executed fine. However, when I start the debugger (meaning, I click on Enable), but nothing shows up, and then I try to run that same script - it hangs. Doesn't brake or something like that, simply hangs, as if it as entered the debugging mode, and is waiting for me to say 'Go'. Naturally, I'm not able to do this, since the debugger originally hasn't showed up.

I'm not able to solve this, so any help is appreciated.