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problem with reference path

Question asked by cibermon on Apr 29, 2010
I've done a checkout on a node and it has created a working copy in the same folder.

I have stored the path identifier and the original node

this is the original node path:


and I want to read the contents of the node working copy or a way to access your ID and so to read it.

I tried putting in the path property of the target reference included in the predicate of the function read, assuming that is what it is called and I have the original route, but it does not work.

I have also tried buscanlo with a query, without success.

Certainly the user has successfully executed on checkout if you have the reference to the copy, but another user who wants to do a checkout will not get anything because you will not get to do a checkout, so that the user has to find that reference to the copy.

I show you some code that is somewhat clearer:

     Public Overrides Sub Abrir() Implements IModelo.Abrir

                If Descargar() Then
                    'Especificamos el nombre del fichero para que luego pueda poder abrirlo
                    nombreDocumento = RUTA_DESCARGA + Nombre
                End If

        End Sub

    Private Function Descargar() As Boolean
                Dim referencia As AlfrescoContentWebService.Reference


                    check = CheckOut()

                    referencia = New AlfrescoContentWebService.Reference
           = dao.StoreContentService

                    If identificadorNodoCopia Is Nothing Then
                        'TODO esta parte todavia no funciona
                        For Each columnElement As AlfrescoRepositoryWebService.NamedValue In element.columns
                            If"path") Then
                                referencia.path = """" + columnElement.value.Substring(0, columnElement.value.LastIndexOf("}") + 1) + _
                                    Nombre.Substring(0, Nombre.IndexOf(".")) + " " + "(Working Copy)" + Nombre.Substring(Nombre.IndexOf(".")) + """"

                            End If
                        referencia.uuid = identificadorNodoCopia
                    End If

                    Dim predicado As AlfrescoContentWebService.Predicate = _
                        New AlfrescoContentWebService.Predicate()

                    predicado.Items = New Object() {referencia}

                    Dim contents As AlfrescoContentWebService.Content()

                    contents =, ElementosRepositorioCollectionAlfresco.CONTENT_DOCUMENTO)

                    Dim content As AlfrescoContentWebService.Content
                    content = contents(0)

                    Dim token As Microsoft.Web.Services3.Security.Tokens.UsernameToken

                    token = dao.servicioContent.GetClientCredential(Of Microsoft.Web.Services3.Security.Tokens.UsernameToken)()

                    Dim url As String

                    url = content.url + "?ticket=" + token.Password

                    FicheroUtil.Download(url, RUTA_DESCARGA + Nombre)

                    Return True
                Catch ex As Exception
                    Formateadores.Logger.EscribirException("Error al leer el contexto de Alfresco <Abrir> ", ex)
                    Return False
                End Try

            End Function

    Private Function CheckOut() As Boolean

                'Create the reference for the node selected
                Dim reference As AlfrescoAuthoringWebService.Reference
                reference = New AlfrescoAuthoringWebService.Reference()

       = dao.StoreAuthoringService
                reference.uuid = identificadorPrincipal

                'Lets try to check out
                Dim predicate As AlfrescoAuthoringWebService.Predicate
                predicate = New AlfrescoAuthoringWebService.Predicate()
                predicate.Items = New Object() {reference}

                Dim result As AlfrescoAuthoringWebService.CheckoutResult
                Dim resultEstatus As AlfrescoAuthoringWebService.LockStatus()

                    resultEstatus = dao.servicioAutorizacion.getLockStatus(predicate)
                    If Not resultEstatus(0).lockTypeSpecified Then
                        result = dao.servicioAutorizacion.checkout(predicate, Nothing)
                        identificadorNodoCopia = result.workingCopies(0).uuid
                        Return True
                        Formateadores.Logger.Escribir("Recurso bloqueado por " + resultEstatus(0).lockOwner)
                        Return False
                    End If
                Catch ex As Exception
                    Return False
                End Try

            End Function

Private check As Boolean = False
        Private element As AlfrescoRepositoryWebService.ResultSetRow
        Private dao As ElementosRepositorioCollectionAlfresco
        Private identificadorPrincipal As String
        Private identificadorNodoCopia As String

       Friend WriteOnly Property identificadorNodoWorkingCopy() As String
            Set(ByVal value As String)
                identificadorNodoCopia = value
            End Set
        End Property

        Public Sub New(ByVal elemento As AlfrescoRepositoryWebService.ResultSetRow, _
                       ByVal dao As ElementosRepositorioCollectionAlfresco)
            Me.element = elemento
            Me.nombreDocumento = Nombre
            Me.dao = dao
            Me.identificadorPrincipal =
        End Sub

If anyone can help me I would be grateful.

A greeting.