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Alfresco not starting - missing service?

Question asked by del on May 23, 2012
Latest reply on May 29, 2012 by del
We are running version 4 of Alfresco share Community and have just virtualised the server it was installed on (Windows 2008 Standard, SP2). A third party carried this out for us.
We now cannot launch the app - there is no error message, other than the default browser message "page could not be found".
We have noticed that there is a service completely missing. From memory, it is 'Alfresco Tomcat'. When we try to start the existing 'Alfresco' service, it will not start because of a dependency service being missing (the tomcat service).

I have a feeling that if we were able to restore this 'Alfresco Tomacat' service, that everything would work again, as all the data appears to be present. I'd be grateful if anyone could give any advice on this, whether it be on how to re-instate the service or generally get things back up and running.

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