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What does ZZ_Deprecated(was_xxx) mean?

Question asked by samjgarnham on May 23, 2012
Latest reply on May 23, 2012 by mrogers
Apologies if I guessed the wrong forum for this question.

There are hundreds of unresolved issues in your issue tracker with the component set to 'ZZ_Deprecated(was_xxx)', e.g.

Component 'ZZ_Deprecated(was_Share)' has around 400 unresolved issues including these two:
[ALF-5418] Alfresco Share: Configuration of icon according to document type:
Major Priority, from October 2010, allow configuration of icons according to document type.

[ALF-9708] SE.S50 Notifications personal preferences (frequency, site opt. out):
Critical Priority, from August 2011, allow users to opt-out of email notifications.
Component 'Share UI' has around 100.

What does ZZ_Deprecated(was_xxx) mean? Are they still 'active' - e.g. as likely to be resolved as the other issues?