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Alfresco share + form

Question asked by romschn on May 24, 2012
Latest reply on May 25, 2012 by lementree

I will try to explain a scenario with an example.

I have a content type - employee. Which has 3 metadata - EmployeeID, JobLocation, Designation, Salary.

I have provided a user interface - similarly using - create content in alfresco share way and opening up this content type to create employee content.
For that I need to configure this form in share-config-custom.xml.

Now, I have one requirement where in - I need to one field - Salary as read-only to some users.

So for that - the approach I was planning was -
1. Configure another form in share-config, and for salary field use the custom control to make it read only.
2. Based on user logged-in, show appropriate form to the user.
Is this approach correct?

Or is there a way using the one form which I have created earlier, I can handle above scenario.

Appreciate your inputs.