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Search implementation WCM

Question asked by tara_b on May 4, 2010
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I am implementing a web application using Alfreso WCM Enterprise 3.2 to author content. My question is about the best way to implement a search feature for the web application. I've used the Search API before to implement a search on the Document Repository via Web Scripts it worked very well. I used the API to pull back content based on a user's query.

I'm wondering if this same approach can be used to implement search on the content on the live website?  The ability for the Search API to access web content seems limited. From the documentation, it seems I will only have access to the Staging HEAD from the Search API unless i use XPath. Is there a way for me to distinguish between Staging HEAD content and content that has been deployed and is live using the Search API?

Possibly this is not the best approach and i should look at implementing Lucene on my web server. Any feedback would be greatly appreciated!