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Need Help for To Access Alfresco

Question asked by sivakumaraz on May 4, 2010
Latest reply on May 18, 2010 by dranakan
Dear Support,
    I have installed below file in windows 2003 server

and also i have JDK,SQL,SWPTOOL,Flashplayer everthing available in server

after installing i went to start -> Programme -> Alfresco -> Start alfresco
then immediately DOS window will open after that some batch file will run. finally i will get below message in DOS

info: Server startup in 56937 ms

after that i went to client place in same network and trying to brows below link


But i am getting error message

kindly do the needful immediately because i am in loop since march -2010

and also don't know how use the alfresco after installing.
and also want to know that how can we give access to client / users

kindly send me the steps.

i am waiting for your valuable reply.