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filtering people on simple workflow

Question asked by nua76 on May 27, 2012
Latest reply on May 29, 2012 by nua76
hi community , anybody has an idea how to do this :

alfresco/ share  version 4

let's said , 3 sites  ,  site projet A , site projet B and  site Projet C

In projet A /  2 users   USERA & USERB
In projet B /  2 users   USERA &  USERC
In Projet C /  2 users   USERA  & USERD

I'am logged as USERC  with contributor role on Projet B and with no access to projet A&C

if i'm  starting a simple workflow on a document , i can decide to assign the workflow to USERA or USERB and USERD even if i'm not member of projet A&C

so how can i do this
when starting the search people in the simple workflow popup , i would like to see only people register to the current site  "ProjetB" i'm working on
in this exemple , it will display only USERA