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Strange Performance issue with many documents in a space

Question asked by antoninoferraro on May 4, 2010
I really need help about a performance issue whit Alfresco.

I have a performance problem when user/s tries to open directory/space through WEB interface with more than 1000 documents in it (it takes like 30 seconds after Alfresco Explorer displays sometime less then 1000 items).
The documents are created via WebScripts in the repository everyone with own ACL (that is a permission associated to a detailed user).
If instead I search documents from the search interface through Lucene metadata (example: for contained text or for property document name ), the search is faster.

I have:
ALFRESCO: Alfresco 3.0 Community/ Alfresco 3.0 Enterprise
DB: Oracle 10 DB
AS: JBoss 4.2.1 GA
JAVA: jdk 1.5_22
OS: Red Hat Enterprise Linux 5.3

I did some monitoring tests and JBoss and JVM seems to be running OK.
Maybe i have to rebuild the tables indexes. I serached the forum but did not find anything.
I don't know what happen, always strange behaviour.
Does somebody have some ideas what to optimize or what to do?