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Document naming / numbering and custom content model

Question asked by david_labbe on May 4, 2010
Latest reply on Sep 6, 2014 by susmera
Dear Alfresco community,

being a newb to Alfresco, I have a number of questions regarding custom content and in particular document "naming" / "numbering".

Say the document numbering format used by a company follows a systematic approach, i.e.: XXXX-TYP-XXXX where the first 4 X's represent for example a project code, TYP describes the type of document (Purchase order, Contract, Report, blablabla…) and the last 4 X's is a sequence number tied up with the project code and the document type.

The overall question is: what would be the steps to take to implement such document numbering into Alfresco.

To customise the "Add content" dialog to include the three input (project code, document type, sequence number) is not really a problem. This is described in a number of sources (forum, wiki, books).

The problem lies in the tricky background bit, i.e.:
- determining what is the next available sequence number
- forcing the document to take the name XXXX-TYP-XXXX.ext so that upon downloading, someone gets XXXX-TYP-XXXX.pdf and not "The report I did last week on some project I can't remember the number of".pdf

The next tricky issue is about the actual project code (by the way, I am sure somebody out there will say none of this is tricky, it just is for me as my background is more php that java). I have seen that when creating a custom content model, it is possible to add a property constrained by a list of values defined in the model file, However, although this is very useful for many things, it is unfortunately not very dynamic. It seems rather odd to have to update the model file everytime a new project is created. How possible is it to have an interface within Alfresco to create the projects and thus associate the basic information to the projects and pull out the required project number info to populate the combobox in the custom content model?

This would be extremely useful to know as it also applies to recording the client information, the contractors, etc…

Btw, I am not after re-creating an ERP, just storing a base set of info about projects and clients… to enable easier document management?

I really appreciate any help on the matter.

Kind regards


PS: thumbs up to the Alfresco team for a rather amazing product and to the community for their massive contribution on the forum and elsewhere without whom I would still be headbutting my screen on a number of questions