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Workflow with datalist items

Question asked by giedriuss on May 28, 2012
Hi all,

I use Alfresco Community v4. Alfresco has functionality to start workflow and to attach items to workflow. It allows to attach an item from datalist in a site. But when I try to do that, object-picker shows guids of datalist object like 59444332-b398-4df6-9002-4b9441ba4dca, and if I go deeper only guids are shown of items like 5de35a27-1d45-4462-8a88-892f1c49f04d. I am a new alfresco user. Is this a bug in my installations or is this the true functionality?

Can this be fixed? I traced down to object-picker.js function
and I am able to fix datalist name by checking
"dl:dataList" == item.type
and displaying item.title instead of

What about datalistitem? Can I somehow let say get the first field of datalistitem?