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Modify tasks-completed-dashlet.jsp

Question asked by thomasberment on May 6, 2010
Hi, I just want modify this dashlet "tasks-completed-dashlet.jsp".

This dashlet displays the completed tasks and I want only display the tasks completed over last 30 days.

I implemented this :
<a:richList id="tasks-completed-list" viewMode="details" value="#{WorkflowBean.tasksCompleted}" var="r"
styleClass="recordSet" headerStyleClass="recordSetHeader" rowStyleClass="recordSetRow"
altRowStyleClass="recordSetRowAlt" width="100%" pageSize="10"
initialSortColumn="bpm:completionDate" initialSortDescending="true"
rendered="#{not empty WorkflowBean.tasksCompleted && r['bpm:completionDate'] <= ?????? }" refreshOnBind="true">

Have you an example or a tutorial of this customization ?

Thank you.