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Launching Rules with CIFS

Question asked by jlabuelo on May 5, 2010
Latest reply on May 12, 2010 by jlabuelo
Hi All

We are trying to integrate a scaning capture system with Alfresco using CIFS.

What we would like to get is an integration that when a image gets in the scanner, the exit of the scanner goes directly to a folder in the pc connected to the scanner and the folder is mapped to a space in Alfresco using CIFS and as soon as the file gets into Alfresco a Type is assigned to it.

We have the integration done: We put the image in the scanner, press scan, the exit goes directly to the Alfresco folder using CIFS, however we are not able to assign the Alfresco Type to the Jpeg document.

To do so we have created an inbound rule which says that every time a "JPEG Image" document gets into the space the Type should be assigned to the document, but this does not happens with our integration.

I think the problem is as the scanner firstly creates a temp file in the exit folder and at the end of the process a jpeg file appears… seems that alfresco is not detecting when the jpeg file appears.

We have tried exporting the jpeg to a folder in the pc and then moving it to Alfresco using CIFS and works… but we would like to skip this step and perform the integration as explained.

Is there anything we are doing wrong??. Other option we have tought about is running an scheduled action every 15 mins that will check for JPEG files and will apply them the type… but this sounds to me quite complex for an easy purpose, dont you think?

Any ideas will be very welcome!! :wink:

Cheers :)