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Question asked by frm85 on May 29, 2012
Latest reply on Mar 19, 2013 by karan27

I left Web Services Alfresco to upload a file or web content to Alfresco from Java application. Now i'm trying to upload these from Webscript.
I did it, but i have a problem…

When i go to my folder (avm://MyWebProject/-1|www|avm_webapps|ROOT|myFolder), the web content is there, but when i launch a lucene search in Node Browser i can't find it  :evil: . Moreover if i go node to node in Node Browser from avm://MyWebProject, i can see it  :cry:

Then my question is if i have to submit after upload de web content (after in WebScript js).

Edit: I forgot version, Alfresco 3.4.

Thanks, regards.