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Rendition Service - xsltRenderingEngine - template path

Question asked by nick.vermeulen on May 6, 2010
Latest reply on May 18, 2010 by swithun
I am trying pass the xsltRenderingEngine a template path as set out here

PARAM_TEMPLATE_PATH: (String) the path to the node whose cm:content property contains the XSLT. The display path is used for this parameter. That is to say "/Company Home/…" as opposed to "/app:company_home/…".

The Java Script is as follows:

// Setup the rendition name and engine
var ixbrlRendtionName = "cm:ixbrlRendition";
var ixbrlRenderingEngine = "xsltRenderingEngine";

var ixbrlRenditionDef = renditionService.createRenditionDefinition(ixbrlRendtionName , ixbrlRenderingEngine);

// Set the parameters
ixbrlRenditionDef.parameters['template_path'] = "/Company Home/Data Dictionary/Rendering Actions Space/prepare-input.xsl";

// Execute Rendition
var rendition = renditionService.render(document, ixbrlRenditionDef);

This results in the following error when running the script.

Please correct the errors below then click OK.
Failed to create content due to error: 04060050 Failed to execute script 'workspace://SpacesStore/953dc9e9-a847-4ce9-9667-83a9e393f8c4': 04060049 This action requires that either the template_string parameter or the template_node parameter be specified.

Not sure if I am doing this correctly any help appreciated.