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'Edit Online' action not showing up in Share

Question asked by warmbowski on May 6, 2010
Latest reply on May 10, 2010 by mikeh
I am running a fresh install of Alfresco CE 3.3.0 (2765) on CentOS 5.2 linux. I installed the full package release downloaded via the wiki 'download' link and configured it. I created a test Site in the Share interface and have uploaded documents via WebDAV webfolder connection from my Windows XP desktop. The Edit Online action will not show up in the Share interface for any uploaded MS Office documents via IE8. It doesn't show up on file list page, or on the page for a specific document. I would really like to edit these files with MS Office via WebDAV.

This is what I have done/checked:
  • I have applied the vti_module.amp to the alfresco.war and I see it listening on port 7070 when I start up Alfresco.

  • I have changed <edit-link-type> in web-client-config-custom.xml use webdav.

  • Alfresco Explorer interface shows the Edit Online button for MS Office documents and clicking it works properly (checks out doc, opens via WebDAV, saves via WebDAV back to Alfresco).

  • Mime types for MS Office documents show up properly.

  • I have emptied my browser cache many times.

  • I have made sure to empty out the tomcat caches with the script.

  • The div class "onActionEditOnline" shows up in the source code for the document webpage. So it seems to be in the document action list, but just hidden.
Does anyone have any suggestions as to why the Edit Online action might not be showing up in Share for me? What I don't understand is the algorithm that Share uses to decide whether to show the 'Edit Online' action button or not. Is it looking merely at then document Mime Type and the browser User Agent? Also, how does applying the vti amp to the alfresco.war allow this functionality to show up in the Share interface? Nothing was applied to Share.war.

Any help would be much appreciated.