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How to integrate Apache SOLR with Alfresco?

Question asked by dynamolalit on May 7, 2010
Latest reply on Sep 19, 2011 by dynamolalit

For my project, we are using Liferay as Front End 5.2.3 & Alfresco 3.2r as CMS.I have a business requirement to integrate Apache SOLR to both of these so that a user of portal can search Liferay as well as Alfresco content single handedly on a portlet in Liferay.

As a part of it, i need to integrate SOLR with Alfresco.How can i do it? :roll:

As SOLR is based on Lucene & Alfresco also uses Lucene indexes so can I expose Alfresco indexes to SOLR so that it can be in sync with SOLR .

Is it possible ??? Can SOLR get leverage from existing Alfresco Lucene indexes in any way?

Or every time a content is created in repository, SOLR indexes needs to be updated? If so , how can it be done?

Would appreciate for any help/suggestion.