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Where is web studio?

Question asked by sakkar on May 7, 2010
I'm interested in trying out web studio but i cant seem to find it anywhere.

I downloaded and installed Alfresco Community Edition 3.3 and noticed it doesn't have the studio.war that the earlier versions had. After searching information from these forum i found this: where mrogers says it has been moved to spring. Then after searching springsource forums i found this: where uzi tells about web studio functionality being moved to Spring web editor. Then there is the explanation of Alfresco Web Editor which is Spring Web Editor + Alfresco plugins. So i came to conclusion that Alfresco Web Editor is what i need and i downloaded and deployed which contains awe.war and customer.war.

However after trying to access localhost:8080/awe it asks for login (different looking page than the one in web studio tutorials) and after that it only prints "A form could not be found, has an 'itemKind' and 'itemId' been provided?". Searching answer for this i found:

"That's the problem. The AWE is a web app that provides content editing services to web sites that use content from Alfresco. It doesn't "do" anything if simply accessed from a browser directly. Have a look at the page at (particularly the section entitled "Sample" at the bottom). If this doesn't help then post again here, and I'll try to clarify it."

I try to follow this guide: and get the customer sample showing (although i had to comment out customer:property tags on body.jsp because of JSON Exception). This looks nothing like the web studio shown on web studio tutorials, more like client side content editing for a single page. What am i missing? Whats my error?