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Moving dir.root (alf_data) and Solr

Question asked by billerby on Jun 1, 2012
Latest reply on Apr 2, 2014 by samnaction
Running Alfresco 4.0.0 on an EC2 instance and running out of disk space made me decide to move alf_data to a EBS-volume. I followed the instructions stated in:

However those instructions will only work if you run MySql and Lucene. When running PostgreSQL the dir.root gets hardcoded into two shell scripts:

If running PostgreSQL and Lucene I guess changing the path to dir.root in the following scripts in addition to will be enough:


However if using Solr (installed by alfresco installer) it was rather tricky to find all references to dir.root, below is my list:

- For every store in Alfresco there will be a "alf_data/solr/<store-name>-SpacesStore/, where the old path to dir.root is hardcoded. Change to the new location.
- In $ALF_HOME/tomcat/conf/server.xml you will have to change the hardcoded paths in the ssl-connector solr uses.
- In $ALF_HOME/tomcat/conf/Catalina/localhost/solr.xml there is also a hardcoded path that needs to be changed.

After this I had to delete the solr-indexes ie removed the following folders (one per store):
   - alf_data/solr/archive
   - alf_data/solr/workspace

After starting Alfresco (finally) went back to normal.