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Problem with some function on Alfresco

Question asked by t2x on May 7, 2010
Hi everybody

At first, sorry for my bad english, then normaly I use german (From Switzerland), so I hope that the people here can understand me  :)

I have some problems with Alfresco.

1. In the category "Administration Console" -> "Manage System Users", everytime when I click on the button "show all", so i've got a error message.


2. I have created some test accounts with my Admin account. Before I can delete the accounts without any problems, but now I can't delete the created accounts, and I don't know why?
I haven't change any settings from my Admin account, so I don't know why where is the problem :(

3. With the created accounts from my admin account, before I can delete the created folder, and now I can't delete it. When I selected the delete button, so the Browser are loading somethhing without stoped, so I can whait 1 or 10 minuts, without any differents.

So I'm happy when someone can help me, and sorry for my english again ;) I hope this is understandably enough :D