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Metadata extraction MS Office <--> Alfresco

Question asked by kylian on May 7, 2010

I have a couple of questions concerning to the metadata extraction with Alfresco.

I need to export the data entered in a wizard to a template Word document. I manage data to export as wizard properties.

For example if I have a wizard called  "MyWizard" I would need to extract/export property "name".


   <h:inputText id="name"
value="#{}" />

With a predefined and formatted Word document I want to insert this dinamic value to the word template (asociate a property to a field in .docx??)

Could anyone guide me a little about the steps, the viability of what I propose or alternatively post a document or reference that can help me?

I also would like to know if the inverse step can be done. A MS Word template filled up and then import concrete fields of the document asociating them with the wizard developed in Alfresco