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Alfresco 4.0d: View the same content in multiple Share sites

Question asked by melanie on Jun 1, 2012
Latest reply on Jun 5, 2012 by melanie

I'm currently setting up Alfresco for a small company (4.0d, Community), we don't have a lot of development resources so we need to mainly use and out of the box solution w/ some custom content types created using the Designer Add-On:

In our company, there are legal, property and finance departments. Our clients require the services of one or more departments. Staff from each department should only be able to view content that relates to their department.  I would like to set up our client folders like this:

    All clients folder
      - Single Client - basic information with read permission for all staff
        - Legal folder - read/write permissions for legal staff
        - Finance folder - read/write permissions for finance staff
        - Property folder - read/write permissions for property staff
This person: describes a similar requirement, which would also work for us.

Ideally however, I would like to organise our Alfresco Share to have separate Sites for legal, finance and property.  That way we can use features like forums and wikis for staff to collaborate more effectively.  Is there a way to set it up so that the repository uses the structure I outlined above, but when our staff log into Share, they don't see a big overarching 'Clients' site or folder, but instead see Legal, Marketing or Finance Sites?  So the apparent structure for legal staff would be:

    Legal Site
      All Legal Clients
        - Client (Only show clients that are 'active' for Legal)
          - Legal Documents Folder
        - Client (Only show clients that are 'active' for Legal)
          - Legal Documents Folder
I there a way to do this without duplicating content? I would really like to be able to achieve something similar to this as I think it would dramatically improve how intuitive the interface is for our staff and hence the uptake of Alfresco, given not everyone has strong IT skills.

I hope this explains my question clearly, please ask for clarification if necessary.