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Install database to separate server

Question asked by jasonsfa98 on Jun 1, 2012
Latest reply on Mar 12, 2013 by faithzondo
I am trying to install Alfresco Enterprise on 2 separate servers. One server will run Apache and Tomcat while the other will run the database (MySQL or Postgresql). It seems pretty simple that during the installation process I should simply supply the following information:

The installation will complete but nothing is ever added to the database. I tried this with MySQL as well:
With the same results. The documentation on getting this done seems to be scattered about and I have yet to put it all together. Our goal is to use Share on a pair of dedicated Amazon EC2 instances with EBS volumes for the OS, database and content stores. I suppose we could put it all on one machine but we'd prefer to split the load so that we could handle high usage and be more flexible should the usage grow.

Has anyone had any success with this during installation? If so, could you please share your methods of getting it done?