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Problem w/ user groups import (missing APP.DEFAULT,AUTH.ALF)

Question asked by mathias.lin on May 8, 2010
Latest reply on May 20, 2010 by mathias.lin
I'm running two Alfresco 3.2r2 systems and want to export the users and user groups from one installation (let's name it system A) to the other (system B). For this (in this sample, the user groups), I run the command line export/import tool like:

System A: -user admin -pwd admin -s workspace://SpacesStore -path /sys:system/sys:authorities -verbose -overwrite spacesStore-authorities

System B: -user admin -pwd admin -uuidBinding REPLACE_EXISTING -store workspace://SpacesStore -path /sys:system/sys:authorities -verbose spacesStore-authorities.xml

The output log for shows me that there was no error and the user groups have been imported.

when I login into System B, I do not see the newly imported user groups under admin / manage user groups. I only see the old groups that were already in system B but not the newly imported ones. But I do see them in the node browser when browsing to SpacesStore/system/authorities

In order to understand why they're not displayed although they are there, I compare the properties and see that in system B (as opposed to the original system A), the user groups don't have the following parents assigned to it:

GROUP_AUGUS_MANAGER   workspace://SpacesStore/AUTH.ALF   false   inZone
GROUP_AUGUS_MANAGER   workspace://SpacesStore/APP.DEFAULT   false   inZone

So I wonder, how do I tell the export/import to keep these two values assigned to the user groups as well? I didn't see any of it in the export xml when looking into it via text editor.

Thanks for any hint!