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Modify library 'folder' toolbar (add buton & function)

Question asked by studitechno on May 10, 2010
Latest reply on Jan 11, 2011 by trandz
Hi All,

I tried to modify the library toolbar on Alfresco Comunity 3.2, not the one where you can find:
Site Dashboard | Wiki | Blog | Document Library | Calendar | Links | Discussions | Data Lists | Members

But the one just under, where are a few functions like:
Create Content | New Folder | Upload | Selected Items

Well, I've been looking on the Alfresco devellopment Wiki and other sites, to add a button to this toolbar, but I seem to be the first one to want to add a buton there..  :roll:
I've tried to modify the files that I thought to  be link with this toolbar, but the only result I got is an infinite loading message when I open my library…  :mrgreen:

Could someone please help me ?
Thanks, Studitechno