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Centos 6.2 and alfresco 4.d

Question asked by chrisryder on Jun 2, 2012
Latest reply on Feb 28, 2013 by dinesh
I have been trying for several weeks to install without success.

I have installed Cents 6.2 64bit.  I install a basic server (no database, no apache)  then run the bin community Version.

I have accepted the basic settings entering just a Password when requested.

The install completes (I see no errors)  I start the service  (yes I am installing as root)  everything seems to work.

1)  localhost:8080  shows me tomcat is working
2)  localhost:8080/share shows the logon screen
3) localhost:8080/alfresco  shows http status 404.

I can not see anything in the tomcat Logs to indicate an error with alfresco  but SOLR  shows a regular failure on a cron job.

Also I don't seem to have an Alfresco.log file!   :?

What should I do?  How can I start to find the solution here?

The Default configuration is postgresql  which I personally don't like  but the option to change to another database is not given anywhere and if the Default does not run I am not about to start trying to patch in another database…..

The Documentation is fine for java Junkies but everything seems to be hidden under a thousand different config Files.

That said  I would dearly like to get this running before my colleagues push Sharepoint on us.

Please help?  I am not a Java specialist and had hoped for a straight forward install.  I must be doing something wrong but what?

in hope of an answer
Best Regards
Chris Ryder