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No Constraints in PropertyList

Question asked by ddanninger on May 11, 2010
Latest reply on Jun 12, 2015 by ddelapasse

i try to get a list of a custom Content model. It works so far, but if i want to know the Constraints of a Property its just blank. How comes? Did i do something wrong or is it a bug?

So if i get the JSON Result of the WebScript: ""

It returns me :


    * name: "cx:language"
    * title: "Language"
    * defaultValues: ""
    * dataType: "d:text"
    * multiValued: true
    * mandatory: false
    * enforced: false
    * protected: false
    * indexed: true
    * indexedAtomically: true
    * constraints: [ ]
    * url: "/api/property/cx_language"


But i added some Constraints to the Custom Content Model see my Snippets:

<constraint name="cx:languageList" type="LIST">
            <parameter name="allowedValues">


<property name="cx:language">
                  <constraint ref="cx:languageList" />

Does anybody have an idea whats going on in here?

Best regards

I use the Alfresco 3.3 Community Version on Debian Lenny