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Starting problem with Alfresco on Win Server 2K3

Question asked by studitechno on May 12, 2010
Latest reply on Jun 1, 2010 by studitechno
Hi all,

   I your need help to make Alfresco working on Win server 2003. :cry:

I need to test Alfresco on a local network with multiple clients, actually we did test it only on a single computer (server + client), but we need it to work on our 2K3 server.
Installation worked without problems, but when I launch Alfresco server, the two MS-DOS windows are openned (one for MySQL & one for Tomcat), but after a half second the window for the Tomcat server is closed, and I can't do anything (there is no any error message).
I tried multiple java versions, I tried to uninstall and install Alfresco again, but nothing helped me.
I've no idea about where to look for an error message, wich .log can I use to debug it ?

EDIT: I stoped all services that may clonflict whith Tomcat (like IIS).

Thanks a lot,