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Lost site memberships when move server

Question asked by doiheartwentyone on May 11, 2010
Trying out the new version of Alfresco on a test server, everything seems to be going okay, except that none of the Share sites have any members anymore, and users have lost their profile pictures.

I use Kerberos for auth and LDAP for user sync. To set these up on 3.3 I just copied across all the ldap* and kerberos* entries from my working 3.2
When I started up the server there were many entries of the form–

16:29:47,462 User:System WARN  [security.sync.ChainingUserRegistrySynchronizer] Recreating occluded user 'admin2'. This user was previously created through synchronization with a lower priority user registry.
I think 2 for each user.

This happened to me before when I moved 3.2 into production. Changed server, all the users disappeared. I wasn't in a position to investigate it then so I had to manually recreate the site memberships.
But now I have a hundred sites and nearly that many users.
My guess is that Kerberos accepts these users, but LDAP doesn't recognize them as the same users as logged in to the old server, so the sync creates new ones…?
Anyone else had this problem, or better, managed to fix it?