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Check is region exists

Question asked by drozes on Jun 6, 2012
Latest reply on Jun 7, 2012 by ddraper
Hi guys;

I have a template-instance that is used by 3 different page-defination.

Hoping that within my template instance - I can do a manual check if a region is set and has content.


//Here - check if either 'leftContentPiece1' OR 'leftContentPiece2' has content, if so
//output <div class="leftContent">
      <@region id="leftContentPiece1" scope="page"/>   
      <@region id="leftContentPiece2" scope="page"/>   
//Close Div

      <@region id="rightContentPiece1" scope="page"/>
      <@region id="rightContentPiece2" scope="page"/>
      <@region id="rightContentPiece3" scope="page"/>