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invite-email.html.ftl pointing to localhost

Question asked by bcohen on Jun 6, 2012
Latest reply on Jun 6, 2012 by bcohen
I am trying to have the default invite email notification template (invite-email.html.ftl) point to my action <server host>, but cannot figure it out. Currently the email contains statements line:

[size=85]Click this link to accept Administrator's invitation:$1301&inviteeUserName=test&siteShortName=eng&inviteTicket=29586b41-c776-4ae6-950b-ca1afc9ac0b1

And I want it to be http://<server host>:8080/share/page/….

I have the set with, and a spring-webscripts-config-custom.xml defined with <hostname></hostname> in <tomcat>/shared/classes/META-INF/.

So what am I missing to have the FreeMaker email templates pick these setting up?  Or are there additional places to set the host?