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Email space users works only for administrator

Question asked by milesif on May 12, 2010
Latest reply on Jul 24, 2014 by mnbrecher
Hi everybody,

I have installed the trial version of Alfresco Enterprise 3.2r for evaluation. I have created several spaces and for each space I have assigned different user groups to different roles, following the examples of chapter 10 on "Collaboration and syndication" of the Alfresco eBook by Munwar Shariff.
When I go to the "Email space users" action I get this message:

There are no users or groups assigned to this space, press Cancel to exit the dialog.

It seems to work only if I login as administrator. I tried to find posts related to this problem, but I could find only an old one related to version 2.9 that had no replies.
I tried many times.
Am I missing something trivial? Or it is a known bug?

Thanks in advance for your help

ciao Francesco