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Alfresco Form Config

Question asked by swemon on Jun 7, 2012
Latest reply on Jun 7, 2012 by amandaluniz_z
I want to know submitting forms that are generated from alfresco form engine.
The form contains
<form id="template_x002e_start-workflow_x002e_start-workflow_x0023_default-startWorkflowForm-alf-id2-form" action="/share/proxy/alfresco/api/workflow/jbpm%24dmswf%3areview/formprocessor" enctype="application/json" accept-charset="utf-8" method="post" forms-runtime="listening" onsubmit="return false;">

When we click "Save" button, the form submits. When I trace Alfresco.util.Ajax.request method in alfresco.js reached.
I want to know is how to set config for forms like that. Any help appreciated.