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Tenant creation via cli, api, SSO

Question asked by kaliyugantagonist on Jun 7, 2012

I have installed Alfresco Community Edition 4.0.d on Ubuntu 11.04 using binary installable with 'Advanced Options' and selected only the compulsory applications for installation.

The tomcat/webapps has the following files(war and exploded)



I have built a portal-like web application which will provide multiple applications to it's users under one roof, Alfresco being one of them. Pertaining to this requirement, I have several queries :

1. I have created a few tenants referring to

However, I need some kind of a command-line interface, REST api etc. which I can call from my web application to create tenants in Alfresco

2. I noticed one thing - all the administrators of all the tenants I created have the same email ID -  :? . This is undesirable - the email id must be pertaining to the tenant's domain name(used during creation in Alfresco)

3. The end-user will log-in the web application and after success, he should be able to access the Alfresco dashboard(and other application's front-end) directly. Effectively, I need a Single-Sign-On(SSO).Is it possible to achieve this by integrating Alfresco with an external LDAP?
I referred to but owing to my inexperience with LDAP and authentication technologies, I was not able to establish an answer  :oops:

Thanks and regards !