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Maintenance Costs

Question asked by newdood on May 12, 2010

I am currently evaluating Alfresco and am wondering how much cost is involved in maintaining the document library?  I have heard that maintaining a Sharepoint database can cause enough work for a full-time job depending on the number of users.  Is Alfresco this large of a time sync to maintain?  We could potentially have up to a few hundred users accessing, modifying, and uploading files daily.  I have heard the purchase of Enterprise can help reduce maintenance costs.  What tools does it provide to help ease the work load of maintaining a content management system?  An average hours per week estimate of work for the administrator would be very helpful, taking into account this is after the system is successfully up and running.  We just don't have the time or money to have people dedicate their careers to system maintenance.  Any insights would be greatly appreciated.  Thank you.