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multi-server multi-domain distributed system

Question asked by boyne on May 13, 2010

I have several domains that i would like to run alfresco across.  I am not sure what the best design structure would be for something like this but what i envision would be one of 2 designs.

1. each domain runs local implementation of alfresco that stores local data locally but possibly replicates data from other servers allowing for higher availability.  And all data is replicated to head office.

2.  Running one alfresco implementation that is replicated across servers in all of our domains.

My main goals are that at our head office we should be able to reach out and access documents across any of our domains but most of our domains will not need much if any access back to head office.  But i don't want each site to be reliant on head office in case communications fail between their location and head office. 

i am not sure if i am approaching this in the correct direction but although we are testing alfresco in a single server environment and so far are impressed, but before we roll this out any further than a "Pre-Test" environment, i want to make sure we design the architecture for how we should do it not how we think we should do it…and hopefully do it right the first time.

Thank you for any comments or suggestions.