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I can see the Custom Type and Custom Aspects, BUT !!

Question asked by bisana on Jun 9, 2012
Latest reply on Jun 9, 2012 by bisana
   I have done some customType and Custome Aspects, I can see them when I check the document properties in any document
But as explained in page 21 /55  in Artilce "Working with Custom types".
This time, I have used the examples from the article without any changes.
I have trired from yesterday thhree times, each time I did a fresh installation and tried, each time I am getting the same result
My scModel is givel below

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
<!– Definition of new Model –>
<model name="sc:somecomodel" xmlns="">
<!– Optional meta-data about the model –>
<description>Someco Model</description>
<author>Jeff Potts</author>
<!– Imports are required to allow references to definitions in other models
<!– Import Alfresco Dictionary Definitions –>
<import uri="" prefix="d" />
<!– Import Alfresco Content Domain Model Definitions –>
<import uri="" prefix="cm" />
<!– Introduction of new namespaces defined by this model –>
<namespace uri="" prefix="sc" />
<!– Enterprise-wide generic document type –>
<type name="sc:doc">
<title>Someco Document</title>
<association name="sc:relatedDocuments">
<title>Related Documents</title>
<type name="sc:whitepaper">
<title>Someco Whitepaper</title>
<aspect name="sc:webable">
<title>Someco Webable</title>
<property name="sc:published">
<property name="sc:isActive">
<aspect name="sc:productRelated">
<title>Someco Product Metadata</title>
<property name="sc:product">
<property name="sc:version">

My "share-config-custom.xml" is

<!– Document Library config section –>
<config evaluator="string-compare" condition="DocumentLibrary">

<!– Aspects that a user can see –>
<aspect name="sc:webable" />
<aspect name="sc:productRelated" />
<!– Aspects that a user can add. Same as "visible" if left empty –>

  <!– Aspects that a user can remove. Same as "visible" if left empty –>

<type name="cm:content">
<subtype name="sc:doc" />
<subtype name="sc:whitepaper" />
<type name="sc:doc">
<subtype name="sc:whitepaper" />

I am not able to ge tthe view as page no 21 , but I could see the custom  aspect and  custom type, when I check any document property
Joseph John