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No content in translated site

Question asked by schipmolder on Jun 10, 2012
hi, I've only just started to use web quick start and am running into a problem where a translated site can't find any of it's (translated) content.

I basically started with a clean WQS site and populated it with data (in 'en' section).
I then tested the english site which worked ok.

I then followed the steps described here to translate a few articles to italian (in 'it' section).

Now when i load the site English site ( http://localhost:8080/wcmqs/en/ ) all still works but when I load the italian site ( http://localhost:8080/wcmqs/it/ ) I get the template without any content. It just shows 'Disponibile a breve…' (= 'no articles') in all parts of the site.

I checked that I have all the collections the english site has and that the automatic collections have detected the articles, which they had, but still no content.

Does anybody know how i can get the localised site to load it's localised content?