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Not able to get  Advanced search results for the select type

Question asked by bisana on Jun 11, 2012
Hi All
  I was success in configuring Alfresco with Custom Type and Custom Aspect,  I am able check in and change the document properties to the Custom Type which I have defined, and I had saved the f Document Propertied values.
Now when I do  do advanced search and select the properties I cannot get the result, it gives me back 0 result
I am posting my part of share-config-custom.xml file for reference

<config evaluator="model-type" condition="sc:acquisitions">
      <form id="search">
           <!– Metadata for  custom content type–>
                 <show id="cm:name" />
                 <show id="cm:title" />
                 <show id="cm:description" />     
            <show id="sc:nameofpartyone"/>
                 <show id="sc:nameofpartytwo"/>
            <show id="sc:nameofpartythree"/>        

Advice requested Thanks
Joseph John