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Alfresco Server Autoconfiguration? (for Amazon EC2 with EBS)

Question asked by fez on May 13, 2010
Latest reply on May 15, 2010 by ivan.plestina

I'm pretty new to Alfresco but I'm defintely trying out (and liking) the solution, for testing purposes I've been using one of the Alfresco images available at Amazon EC2 (on ubuntu), I've figured out my way to configurate it to use EBS as the storage in order to ensure data safety, but apart from these there are several other configuration parameters that I'd like to be persisent (i.e. Share's look and feel interface modifications) after a image reboot (stopping and turning on an instance, which isn't persistent by default), the WIKI on EC2 and other articles, including this forum, have been very useful for understanding this, but I can't find any specific examples for this kind of self configuration, (the WIKI has TO-DO notes) that is indeed mentioned in a couple of the webminars I've watched about Alfresco in EC2, As far as I understand there are to ways for to do this:

1. Configuring the server and saving it as a new "image", so that the "starting" point after a stop-start task would be already configured.
2. Using 'scripts' (an iseminar mentions them, and mentions they could be made available) so that on 'start' of the image the server configures itself (like mapping the EBS, look n feel, etc)

Can somebody please give some advice on these 2 aspects? specially number 2.

Thanks in Advance.