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HTTP 403 Error

Question asked by jkeeler on May 13, 2010
Latest reply on May 28, 2010 by jkeeler
I'm trying to deploy Alfresco Community 3.3 to a WebLogic container in the following environment:
- Windows XP (SP3)
- Alfresco Community 3.3 WAR
- Oracle for Alfresco Community 3.3 (
- Oracle WebLogic
- Oracle 10g Express Edition

The WebLogic server and Alfresco application both start up without issue.  When I access the Alfresco URL (http://localhost:7002/alfresco), I receive an HTTP 403 error.  No exceptions or errors are logged.

That makes me think I misconfigured WebLogic, but a sample application on the same server deploys and behaves as expected.  What did I do wrong?