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Missing Lucene indexes - few questions

Question asked by joko71 on Jun 12, 2012
Latest reply on Jun 13, 2012 by joko71
To be clear from the start, we use Community versions.

We started with 2.1 version. We were up to our necks in trouble with indexes. As amount of documents increased, it became literaly unbearable over night. We had to make speedy transition to 3.2. Luckily, in backgrounds we were readying ourselves for that move, so production was not hurt, it worked continuously.

It's easier to live now, we don't have to do full reindex one or two times per month, but we still have some issues nagging us.

For example, sometimes we have power outages coupled with UPS failure which corrupts indexes. We use nightly backuped indexes as a temporary solution (new documents in systems are not in backuped indexes). After working hours we perform full reindex and we're back on the track.

But, as with 2.1 version, it is increasingly difficult to do a full rebuild (more and more documents in the repository every day).

We tried to find a solution in Alfresco documentation and net. Strange, there are no clear and definitive answers on this issue. As we gathered, Enterprise version has the ability to rebuild missing indexes when started with backup indexes. No word about that in Community version.

We noticed an interesting thing: when started with backup indexes, Alfresco detects that a portion of indexes is missing. Then it performs a partial, minute rebuild of missing indexes. Theoretically, hundreds or thousands of restarts would solve our problem.  :D But clearly, this is not the solution.

Few questions:
1) Does only Enterprise version have the ability to rebuild missing indexes?
2) Is it available also for Community version? If so, how?
3) If it is not available for Community version, is there any utility or procedure to do it?
4) Is there a way to force Alfresco to perform full rebuild of missing indexes when started with backup indexes?
5) If not, is there a way to increase alotted time to increase partial rebuild on every start?
6) Maybe some Community version > 3.2 supports rebuild of missing indexes? If it is, which one?